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UnerhörtesGötz Naleppa

is the founder and was for 15 years - until December 2008 - the responsible editor of Deutschlandradio Kultur’s radio broadcast “Klangkunst” (sound art)  that goes weekly on air: a radio broadcast for international digital sound art, every Thursday night, i.e. Friday morning from 0:05 AM to 1:00 AM Berlin time:

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One of his inventions and responsibilities was the ‘sound of the month’ (“Geräusch des Monats”), a sound composition of five minutes, made of everyday sounds, music or voices with which the radio play department’s broadcasts fade out:

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Another responsibility was the workshop for newcomers “Newcomer Werkstatt”, introducing gifted newcomers and their compositions to the audience; a broadcast four times per year, i.e. at the end of each sound art-quarter.

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Götz Naleppa left Deutschlandradio end of 2008 in order to work as freelance director, sound artist, translator and composer.

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