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Götz Naleppa
Since 1970, Götz Naleppa has produced and directed innumerable radio plays, initially for the Radio in the American Sector of Berlin ‘RIAS Berlin’, later for its successor Deutschlandradio and for nearly every public broadcasting corporation in Germany. He is one of the most well-known and most experienced directors of radio plays in Germany. In the first place, his work includes literary radio plays, but also thrillers or detective plays, radio plays for children, radio play serials, comedies, musical radio plays, experimental radio plays, radio documentaries or poems.
In the 70s and 80s he was substantially involved in the artistic development of the dummy head radio play (‘kunstkopf’).
As he started from theatre, Götz Naleppa has occasionally assumed mises en scène at the theatre such as the musical “In der Nacht sind alle Taxen grau” (Andreas Pflüger) at ‘GRIPS-Theater’ in Berlin or the premières of “Kreisspiel” and “Ein Labyr ist kein Labyr” (Arthus C. Caspari) for the Academy of Arts (‘Akademie der Künste’) in Berlin.
For several years at last Naleppa worked as text-coach during opera recordings for DECCA and at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam.
In addition to an intensive work with the actor, the musicality of the artistic design is a feature of Götz Naleppa’s direction style.
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"Zauberei in tieferen Schichten" -open link in new window Der Tagesspiegel 20.12.2013:  "Götz Naleppa is one of the best-known makers of radio-plays in this country.

                                                                                                                              On Christmas Eve he will be 70. A pre-celebration in Friedenau..."

"Leckermänner oder Dichten in Fahrtrichtung" in Heilbronner Stimme 3.12.12

"Blutstein" in "Funkkorrespondenz" 11.5.12

Nomination German Audiobook Award 2011 for "Öland", jury's justification

"Öland" (audio book)

"Öland",open link in new window Hörzentrale

"Öland" open link in new window (audio book)

"Öland" open link in new window (audio book)
"So nah und doch so fern", Hannoversche Allgemeine
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