sound composition
sound composition:
Sound composition is the art of organizing sound (i.e. instrumental, vocal or synthetically generated sound and/or recorded from our sounding environment by means of a microphone) for a musical composition. Texts, sounds or music are material in the hands (or computers) of the sound artist. The result has numerous names: musique concrète, ars acustica, Klangkunst, sound art, audio art, digital radio art, sound poetry – but all are: sound composition.
Faced with this variety of terms, the following chart may serve illustration:

Genealogie Klangkunst

Götz Naleppa works as sound artist in his own studio, Mac-based with ProTools and Logic Pro.


Sound Compositions new / not published:

– "ZENScapes - City | Land | River" –duration 45'12'''' – 2019 (information)

– "Birds in Dark Light - Music for an Imaginary Film" - duration 44'01'' - 2017 (picture)



– "Palimpsest - a sound biography" - premiere 22 December 2017, Deutschlandfunk Kultur | GOLD AWARD New York Festivals 2018

– "Cantus Apium" – 7 Variations about Vergil, for Voice and 15 Bee Colonies" - premiere 4th of April 2014, Deutschlandradio Kultur | GOLD AWARD New York Festivals 2014 | Special Award at Marulic-Festival, Croatia

open link in new window"Cablecar Blues" – sound poem after Ferlinghetti  (premiere 27 December 2013, Deutschlandradio Kultur)

– „Popol Vuh, the Book of the Origin of the Maya“ | GOLD AWARD New York Festivals 2008 | 2nd at Marulic-Festival, Croatia

– „Jam Session “ - an International Ars-Acustica Remix

– „Ponte del Molino“ for the international Radio project “Rivers and Bridges” ” open link in new window

– “Corpus Delicti”  (with Transit Communication)

– “Robinsonate”  (with Transit Communication) Robinsonate

Onlinemuseum for Soundart: open link in new window "".

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